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Small excavator manufacturers introduce how to improve the efficiency of excavators

In recent years, the demand for small excavators has gradually increased. With the advantages of small size and favorable price, they are widely used in various construction sites. The following small excavator manufacturers will give you a detailed explanation:

1. Hire an experienced driver to operate, and the driver must have skilled operation skills.

2. Create some driving routes for small excavators before construction. Especially on uphill roads, you can save time by transferring time in advance. Therefore, dump trucks will not interfere with each other during operation.

3. When unloading the soil, it must not all be poured out by the action of opening a bucket, but at the same time as the bucket is opened, it will be faster to use the stick to instantly recycle and then open the homeopathic soil to throw it out.

4. The correct number of small excavator equipment and capacity should meet the requirements of the production capacity of the small excavator, and the capacity of the dump truck should be an integer multiple of the excavator bucket capacity.

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