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Small excavator manufacturers introduce how to solve the abnormal sound of the rotary brake

Small excavators have a very wide range of operations and have good driving effects. However, abnormal brake noises often occur during driving operations. So what are the factors that cause this phenomenon? The following small excavator manufacturers will give you a detailed explanation:

1. Foreign matter, such as sand, iron filings, etc., has entered the slewing bearing, which will cause abnormal noises and malfunctions that hinder rotation. When encountering this situation, clean it before installation. For preparation, the bearings, housing holes and accessories should be cleaned, and foreign objects in the lubricant should be cleared.

2. Sometimes the abnormal sound is caused by the operation problem during installation. The uneven installation surface will cause the rolling to produce the gap and produce the abnormal sound. Everyone immediately checked and repaired and tightened the bolts.

3. Abnormal noise may also be caused by the slewing bearing being rolled or the rolling elements are severely worn. This is the need to repair the slewing bearing.

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