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What should be paid attention to during construction of small excavators

In today's mechanized construction process, the use of excavators for construction can greatly improve our work efficiency, so what should we pay attention to during construction of small excavators?

The first is that small excavator drivers should undergo professional training, and only after obtaining a professional certificate can they be able to perform construction operations;

The small excavator should keep the legs and keep the horizontal position before construction. The legs should be placed in the direction of the working surface, and the steering drive shaft should be placed behind the working surface. Small excavators with hydraulic suspension devices should lock the two suspended hydraulic pressures. Cylinder, the drive wheel of the crawler excavator should be placed behind the work surface.

During construction, the work and walking place should be stable and firm. The soft ground should be covered with sleepers or mats. In the swamp area, the roadbed should be treated first, or the special wetland caterpillar board should be replaced; excavation at the edge of the pit, when a collapsed When in danger, the small excavator should immediately deal with the danger or withdraw the small excavator to the safe area. There should be no umbrella-shaped edges and loose boulders on the edge of the pit.

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